Warren Little

Mr. Little has implemented and developed programs and systems that have become industry standards. At WJ Bradley he served in various executive technology positions include CIO and CTO. He was paramount in bringing in technology and process improvement to move WJB from a $10M month originator to over $500M per month. As CTO at Meridias he moved the company from several disparate loan origination platforms to a consolidated enterprise solution. This consolidation resulted in a revenue growth of over 400%. He also implemented a unified communications platform to allow all remote facilities to be managed centrally and with greater efficiency. Prior to his work in the mortgage and financial sector he worked in the warehouse automation industry, developing solutions for customers such as Wal-Mart. Little also spent time the defense sector developing system for various government agencies.


Rick White
Founder & CEO

Mr. White is a seasoned senior executive, researcher, visionary software architect, and successful entrepreneur. While completing a BA in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Southern California, he conceptualized, wrote the algorithms, and initiated the development of the first socio-mimicry based AI models. Modeled from anthropology ethnographic observation techniques his algorithms allowed self-organizing AI clusters to generate; unique, self-sustaining, evolving “cultural” reinforcement within a network of intelligent learning systems. As a graduate student, he received an MS in software design from National University while founding/managing Digital Sweatshop, Inc. and building the first data-driven web applications on the internet with a team of 25 developers, overseeing completion the 161 knowledge engineered projects. As the SVP of Digital for Source Interlink’s ASG, he led a team of 140 engineers, from concept to deployment of the first successful CRM that allowed all the company’s major Action Sports magazine print titles like; Surfer, Surfing, Snowboarder, Powder, and Skateboarder to migrate to an online content delivery system. In his role as co-founder and C.T.O of Sure Genomics, he has architected and overseen the implementation of a comprehensive DTC, whole genome management system that allows personal genomic privacy, ownership, and 3d exploration of Phased Whole Genomic Sequence (WGS) data, in conjunction with, identified Epigenetic (WGBS) overlaid pattern data.

With over 20 years of leadership experience in the technology sector, he excels at anticipating and navigating the dynamic challenges of managing teams that must continually innovate to succeed in complex emerging technology environments. Currently, he has been working with Stanford and a select set of the world’s most brilliant technologists to peer review the ethical implications of his designs of exotic AI/Blockchain/dDAG applications for accelerated learning and knowledge model capture. He is a driving force behind the research and development of his patented Proof of Identity (POI) self-normalizing data-layer system and is fiercely dedicated to using his creative vision, experience, and passion to positively impact humanity and our quality of life.


Fred Angelopoulos

Mr. Angelopoulos has over 30 years of experience in helping to develop and accelerate emerging technology companies. He has been instrumental in helping 5 companies go public. As C.E.O. of PureDepth, Inc. Fred productized the company’s technology into an IP licensing model, built the organization, raised funding in excess of 12 million dollars and developed and closed key sales licenses with Sanyo Corporation, IGT Corporation and Samsung. As C.E.O. of Pulse Entertainment he pioneered the development of entertainment content for the Internet. Among the key clients Fred developed were, Warner Brothers, MTV, EA and NBC. He developed Virtual Jay for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and launched the first content simultaneously on network HDTV and the internet.. Fred was named one of the 15 most influential C.E.O’s of the internet by Animation Magazine. He raised 40 million in capital from VC and corporate partners such as Time Warner and Autodesk. Pulse was named the world’s Top 50 Private companies by Red Herring Magazine. Fred was also part of the founding management team that took both Symantec and Macromedia (now Adobe Systems) public. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing and Management from Bentley University.