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Sure Genomics, a personal genomic testing company, provides you a solution to acquire your full DNA sequence from CLIA certified labs. Your completed DNA sequence is then stored on our secure HIPAA compliant SureVault.


Sure Genomic’s intuitive and interactive platform, SureView, displays your DNA data from SureVault allowing you to examine reports about your genomic past, present, and future.


Once potential genetic futures are revealed, via our personalized DNA testing system, you can make lifestyle choices that allow you to truly take proactive control of your health future.


Spectrum of Services


All DNA Sequencing done at CLIA Certified Labs

Once available, our network of (CLIA) certified lab partners will provide members access to state of the art DNA sequencing technology at a fraction of standard costs. A simple saliva sample is all that is needed to run a full DNA sequence.



Store your DNA information Securely

Members receive ultra secure HIPAA compliant cloud based DNA drive space that provides state of the art security and reliability for all personal data maintained within the Sure Genomics platform.


Start unlocking the mysteries held in your DNA

Members can privately explore genomic science databases and learn about the latest discoveries in DNA and how they might relate to each of us. SureVIEW™ provides fascinating insights into personal strengths, weaknesses, aptitudes, and abilities.


User Friendly Dashboard

User Friendly Dashboard


Mobile Access

Mobile Access


Discovery Notifications

Discovery Notifications



Track your family’s DNA history

These simple tools allow users to trace the history of their relative’s lifestyles, medical conditions, and experienced environments. By examining the health events of your ancestors through the filter of the data contained in your genome via our personal Genomic Testing software, you can create new insights into when health events may occur in your lifetime.



Manage your health future

Explore the potential effects of lifestyle choices through the lenses of your genetic past, present, and future. See and avoid potential health and wellness roadblocks before they emerge.


Member of the

Global Alliance

As a member of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH), Sure Genomics is committed to the ongoing development of worldwide genomic data rights and personal DNA privacy standards.